Bathroom Remodel made simple!

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts I like to talk about Finances and Home Improvement and not just Technology all the time. I believe it’s the best for me to share all my advice on a variety of topics so that you can learn more! So enough talk about me, why don’t we just jump into the project.

The reason I wanted to redo my bathroom a little was because I just didn’t want it to look so plain, I wanted it to be classy and give it a much more of a professional tone. I mean just take a look below:


It looks so ordinary. The white sink, with a eggshell type vanity top, and the ancient faucet. I figured it was time for an upgrade so my first task was to replace the vanity top, and when doing any sort of work I decided to go to my local Menards and see what I could find. Fortunately for me I lucked out on a sale!

1. Choose a Vanity Top

They had two different granite types, the Golden Delight, and the Tan Brown, and with some helpful advice I decided to go with the Tan Brown dimensions being 37×22. I paid roughly $160.00 for the piece and it was an absolute steal, primarily because it included the sink and it was ready for install right out of the box.


I definitely think anyone looking to do this try and find some options at their local Menards, Lowes or even Home Depot, because you will save a lot of money. Also make sure to pick out a new faucet and that it is something you really like.  After picking out the new vanity top and faucet brings along my favorite part…


This is by far one of my favorite parts, there is nothing more fun than some demolition. First things first, make sure to turn off the water to your sink and have a bucket ready when you unhook the hoses. Last thing you need is to have water spraying around everywhere uncontrollably! After that undo the hoses, plumbing, and unscrew any screws that may be hooked up to the vanity top and or sink.

Now listen carefully. Your vanity top is most likely silicone or caulked and it won’t just come off very easily. I recommend very carefully cutting through the silicone/ calk to release some of that tension. Then pull up on the top and cut around any material holding it down. You have to be very careful with this, otherwise you will have to do some serious patching of wall chunks that were accidentally ripped out.

After it all, it should look like this, all nice and ripped out!


3. Tedious Repair and Repaint

Now comes the part you do not want to rush. You need to be very careful and very tedious. This is where you repair the wall and make it as ordinary as possible. The key is to make it look like nothing ever happened. That’s exactly what I did.


All you really need is some Spackle Repair, Spatula, and some sandpaper. Clean up any holes, rough spots or uneven spots, wait for it to dry, and then sand it down to be nice and even. All you have left is to paint the wall. After letting it dry it’ll be time to put on the new vanity top!


4. Time for the New Top

After everything has dried, it’s time to put on the new granite vanity top. Make sure to have a caulk gun, and some clear silicone. You’re going to want to put silicone done on all the edges of the vanity, and then put the vanity top down. After that, you’ll also want to silicone the back of the small backsplash piece and put that down on the main piece.To finish it off, silicone the edges along the wall and sides, this way it gives it a clean look and also prevents water ever getting to the wall. It should look like this:



5. Hook Everything Up

You are almost there, not much left to do besides hook up the new faucet and plumbing. It is important to have some plumbing tape when you are hooking up the pipes and faucet, this just helps prevent from any sort of leaking. Other than that, the instructions that came with your faucet should be enough to help you set that up. After all that it’s time to turn the water on, clean up and look at your finish product!

My turned out fantastic and a greater improvement than what I had before, wouldn’t you say so?



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The dubious process of Granite Selection…

This is for all of you interested in home improvement just as much as you are technology, and today I just wanted to share some advice with you regarding granite selection and the whole process, I hope this helps!

1. Measure out the Square Feet

First things first, you need to measure out the number of square feet your counter space holds. So go grab that tape measure of yours and get accurate numbers for your length and width so you know approximately how much square feet of granite you’ll be needing to look at. This way you can get accurate estimates. Also this would probably be a good time to decide if you’re going to do a full backsplash or not. The difference is pretty big if you as me. Personally I think it looks better, but it’s personal choice. Here check these out so you know the difference.


2. Visit MULTIPLE Companies

This is one of the most important steps. You need to go and visit multiple companies to get a number of things. First you want to find the type of granite that best suits you and your cabinet. Second, you want to get a number of quotes. The last thing you want to do is go to one location, get a quote and end up overpaying. This is a tedious process, but you want your kitchen to look spectacular so take your time with this, there is no rush whatsoever!


3. Do This Yourself

One of the first things I noticed when I looked at my quotes from the different companies was the charge they were putting on for sinks, faucet, and old countertop removal. It was absurd, and I knew I could do it myself. So instead of having the company order some sort of stock sink or faucet I decided to go on the hunt and find my own. I ending up paying half the price for the sink and faucet and it saved me a lot of money. I’m also going to rip out the old countertop myself. I mean how hard could it be to unscrew a few screws and rip some stuff out right?


4. Last and Final Step!

All you have to do now is set up a date for the template, pay your deposit and you should be all set. The company should get that template to the granite you picked out and start fabricating it into your kitchen. Before you know it you’ll have a whole new kitchen.



I hope this advice helped you a little bit, and maybe even saved you some money in the long run, if you have any questions of any kind feel free to comment below or email me at



Technology+ Blender = Best Combination?

This is a post for one of my followers, missdoctorfoodie, who requested that I do a post about these relatively new Ninja Blender System’s with Auto iQ. But it is also for any of you who enjoy any and all technology advances!

I’m sure most of you reading this right now are saying to yourselves “a blender has one simple job, it blends.” I mean I couldn’t agree more with you. The last thing I was expecting in any sort of technological advancement for blenders to get better at blending, but it has happened, so let’s talk about it why don’t we!

The new Ninja Blender with Auto iQ has completely revolutionized the blender industry and I think you’ll agree with me. You know how with ordinary blenders you have to press a button and wait for who knows how long until you have a nice and even pure smoothie? But half the time you just have ice chunks, no matter how much you blend it. Ninja has changed it completely and made your life easier, because now all it takes is a touch of a button.

Check this out.

It all depends on what you want to create.  If you want to create a smooth frozen drink, then you would simply press the Auto iQ Frozen Drinks Smoothies button and you would be set. It would then blend to perfection. It blends everything at exactly the right speed for best amount of time completely taking out all the guesswork.

Or let’s say you are creating a new sauce for your fine Italian dish, then you would just press the Puree button.

This blender has an intelligence of its own.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.46.06 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.56.50 PM

I personally think this is extremely creative and an incredible technological advancement, even if it is for a blender.

If you are one who enjoys frozen drinks or any other blended product, this is definitely the blender for you!


I would again like to thank  missdoctorfoodie for requesting an item to be reviewed and to give my personal thoughts on it.

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World of Smart Thermostats

I’m sure you’ve seen a thermostat in your house, you know it’s that thing that has a temperature and makes your home get warmer or colder. Some people usually don’t mess around with them too much but I decided to buy into it and get an Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat for my home. I know what you’re probably thinking, what’s the big deal with a “Smart Thermostat,” how could it possibly be any easier when you could press a button to turn the heat on or off.

Let me start from the beginning.

So the first thing I needed to do was rip off my old thermostat to see the different wires it had connected.

Please note to turn off all power to Furnace and A/C, you don’t want to get electrocuted doing this.


When I first did this I had no idea what any of it meant. All I knew was that if someone else could do it, there was no reason I couldn’t do it myself. As you can see there were red (RH), white (W), yellow (Y), and green (G) wires connected. The RH was connected by the red wire, as well as another connector wire that connected it to the RC. There was also a bundle of wires that had been cut. The one thing I knew was that my thermostat didn’t have a C wire (Power) since it had a battery. So I went down to my Furnace and took it all apart and found the wires.


From here I decided to strip the blue wire and connect it to the C terminal. (I still don’t know why another set white and red wires were here but I just left them)

Then I connected all the wires on the new thermostat. It was pretty simple at this point and the Ecobee 3 instructions were more than easy to follow.


Then I put the thermostat together, connected it to my wi-fi network and downloaded the iPhone app.


And let me tell you this thing is beyond amazing. It’s one of those things where you didn’t know you needed it until you saw how it works.


It detects in what room people are, and the more sensors you set up the more it can make your home comfortable. You can also set up a schedule for when you are away from home and instead of always heating to 70 or 72, it will only heat to 65, and when you’re home it will warm it up.

My favorite part by far is how you can activate heating or cooling or set any temperature setting, all with your iPhone no matter where you are. It makes the environment in my home that much easier to control and it’s definitely energy-efficient so I can’t wait to save on those bills!

So what do you think about smart thermostats if you have one? Or what’s holding you back from getting one?

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