The Battle is on: Apple vs. Netflix

Are you even surprised? Apple has slowly been getting into every market, before you know it, Apple will be a competitor in just about everything. We know Apple has some great products such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, Watches. Not too long ago they have begun to offer Apple Music to take on Spotify and Pandora. Now with the Apple TV, not only could get rid of DISH and DIRECTV, but they can even take on Netflix.

According to a report, Apple has begun to increase its presence in the Hollywood vicinity, that they may be offering a video subscription, service tied together with Apple Music. So basically you have have Spotify and Netflix combined together for one price, not only would it be cheaper but it would be perfected by Apple.

The report states this:

“In the weeks that followed, Apple execs were in Los Angeles hearing pitches for original TV series that it plans to launch on an “exclusives” app on Apple TV and within iTunes. Apple wants to work with “triple A-list” talent, according to a source, and build up a roster of must-see shows available only on its platform. Naturally, the talks have been veiled in the utmost secrecy. Producers who have met with Apple will refer to it only as the United Fruit Company.”

It looks like Apple is going after some high list talent and trying to make their own original TV series.

Even though I’m sure they have a lot of challenges to take on before this concept could take off, Apple is definitely getting started in the right direction.

What do you think of all this? Would you prefer to have a bundle of Apple Music and TV? Or will you just stick with Netflix and Spotify/Pandora?

Let me know your responses or any questions in comments below, and feel free to email me at Also don’t forget to follow for the latest news!


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