Facebook Bots AKA App Killers

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Facebook, I mean honestly who really isn’t. It’s where you stay connected with your friends and family, sharing pictures and life time memories.

Now what if Mark Zuckerberg planned on changing it and changing the way you interact with Apps? See Zuckerberg believes that individuals are suffering from app overload and he has devised a solution, and he refers to it as chatbots. 

According to Wall Street Journal, Chatbots—or bots, for short—are stripped-down software agents that understand what you type or say and respond by answering questions or executing tasks. Apple’s Siri is a bot, and so is Amazon’s Alexa. To Zuckerberg and Facebook, bots are a fresh alternative to apps.

See the thing is, they allow a way to connect the company’s business partners with its 1.9 billion Messenger and WhatsApp users. The key is Facebook bots have an added bonus: They run in the background on the company’s Messenger service. Meaning there are no apps to download. Users get convenience, and Facebook gets to challenge Apple and their massive app store.

It would be very interesting to not have to download an app for every business and to try an even multitasks through numerous apps at once. Not only would that save storage on phones but it would also make life a lot easier.

Maybe what Zuckerberg has planned isn’t too bad, I’m not entirely sure, what do you think?

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