Apple planning on killing OS X?

I was flipping through some articles like I do any other day and I came across this rather interesting one to say the least and I thought I would share it all with you.

There have been rumors saying Apple has been planning on dropping the name OS X name for a while now, but it could actually be true!

See the thing is, Apple and its other operating systems all follow a different style: productOS. For example: The Apple Watch runs watchOS, the iPhone and iPad run iOS, and the Apple TV has tvOS. The only one that is different is Apple’s line of MacBooks, Macs, and Mac Pros which all run OS X. BUT they are expected to change.

New documentation from Apple strongly suggests the name OS X is expected to be dropped and replaced with MacOS.

This was discovered by 9to5mac and their proof is right below:

As you can see they change the name to MacOS, and then ended up changing and deleting it later on. It must have been accidental, but I think it shows where the future is going, and that MacOS is going to be adopted by Apple as its new brand for their Operating System.

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