Apple filed a patent for a keyboardless Macbook……what?!

This is great stuff! Can’t wait to hear more!


You get a patent! And you get a patent! EVERYBODY GETS A PATENT!

At least that what it seems like this week.

If you remember yesterday, I wrote a post about Samsung filing a patent for smart contact lens with an embedded camera. Today we’re getting news that Apple has filed a patent for a Macbook without a keyboard.

Sounds like that would make it kind of hard to send daily tweets and look up cat videos on YouTube right? Not necessarily.

The patent itself was filed in September of 2015 and was made public on Thursday, and it details what Apple is calling “a configurable, force-sensitive input structure for an electronic device”. This mean that would be a clean, flat surface with different layers within it’s structure to capture user input.

applepatent2  (Image Source: United States Trademark and Patent Office)

The surface would be able to be customized or configured for…

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