iPad Pro 9.7 Day Opener

Let me give all of you a quick update on the NEW iPad Pro 9.7 I just got in the mail today.

The list of items I currently so far have are as follows:

  • iPad Pro 9.7 inch Wifi 128GB
  • Silicone Case
  • Apple Pencil

I’m still waiting for the:

  • Smart Keyboard
  • ZAGG HDX Screen Protector

But I just wanted to give you guys the day 1 experience I’ve had with this new iPad Pro, and want to show you the difference between a few things.

So the first think I wanted to show you was how great the Apple Pencil works. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Apple really nailed it. It feels and works like an ordinary pen/pencil/marker, even if you press down hard enough it gets darker in color. Check it out below!


The next thing I wanted to talk about was this True Tone Display option. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I switched it off. So the first one image below is just the regular display you would see on the iPad Air 2. The one below it is with the True Tone enabled. You might not see a big difference based off these images, but it’s a big difference in real life, trust me. 4661D4E6-D3F8-4346-B873-D7FDE910AAD3A48E99AE-9BE3-4957-B598-CC3501833144

Last think I want to bring up is the side by side feature. So in the iPad Air 2 you could only really get the side by side to go so far, the iPad Pro really makes multitasking so much better, I absolutely love it.


That’s all I really have for all of you right now! I will be doing another post regarding the Smart Keyboard and just after a few days if I find any problems or any spectacular features.  So far, I love it.

If any of you have any questions or thoughts, comment below, or email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “iPad Pro 9.7 Day Opener

  1. Simple tech you amazing. I see really good things from you and i ask if you can join TheTechDiscovery and be an author we would make a great team. 🙂

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