iPad Pro 9.7 Day Opener

Let me give all of you a quick update on the NEW iPad Pro 9.7 I just got in the mail today.

The list of items I currently so far have are as follows:

  • iPad Pro 9.7 inch Wifi 128GB
  • Silicone Case
  • Apple Pencil

I’m still waiting for the:

  • Smart Keyboard
  • ZAGG HDX Screen Protector

But I just wanted to give you guys the day 1 experience I’ve had with this new iPad Pro, and want to show you the difference between a few things.

So the first think I wanted to show you was how great the Apple Pencil works. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Apple really nailed it. It feels and works like an ordinary pen/pencil/marker, even if you press down hard enough it gets darker in color. Check it out below!


The next thing I wanted to talk about was this True Tone Display option. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I switched it off. So the first one image below is just the regular display you would see on the iPad Air 2. The one below it is with the True Tone enabled. You might not see a big difference based off these images, but it’s a big difference in real life, trust me. 4661D4E6-D3F8-4346-B873-D7FDE910AAD3A48E99AE-9BE3-4957-B598-CC3501833144

Last think I want to bring up is the side by side feature. So in the iPad Air 2 you could only really get the side by side to go so far, the iPad Pro really makes multitasking so much better, I absolutely love it.


That’s all I really have for all of you right now! I will be doing another post regarding the Smart Keyboard and just after a few days if I find any problems or any spectacular features.  So far, I love it.

If any of you have any questions or thoughts, comment below, or email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com

Apple vs FBI Battle

I just recently read an article saying that the FBI cracked into the locked iPhone of a gunman in the mass shooting in California, and the worst part… Apple doesn’t know how they did it.

Are you telling me that Apple, one of the largest, most advanced tech companies on earth has no idea how the FBI found a loophole? I honestly don’t believe that. The amount of specialists that Apple has, the about of computer science engineers whose intellect is through the roof must have an answer to this and they’re just not coming out about this to cause any turmoil about the situation any more. I honestly really hope for our sake that they know what this loop hole is and fix it because our personal privacy info is in jeopardy.

Apparently the problem that was occurring was that if you input the password in 10 times and you get it wrong it would completely wipe the information off the phone. Did the FBI somehow disable this security feature? How did they do it? They did say they used a third party and that it was outside the government. Which should have us worried. Are they saying another company has access to break through Apple security features? That is not some tool another company should possess. For the sake of all our privacy. 694940094001_4807650680001_8fdd3a96-4ba5-43f4-845f-13b5ae69b227

I believe that every single one of us deserves to have our personal privacy without the government being able to crack into it, track it, observe it in any way possible.

If Apple really doesn’t know how the FBI cracked into the iPhone, I really hope they find out how they did it because personal security of all users should be of upmost importance.

I support Apple completely, and I trust in the company to be able to take on any challenges. I will of course keep you all up to date on any information that comes up.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment down below or email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com.

Technology+ Blender = Best Combination?

This is a post for one of my followers, missdoctorfoodie, who requested that I do a post about these relatively new Ninja Blender System’s with Auto iQ. But it is also for any of you who enjoy any and all technology advances!

I’m sure most of you reading this right now are saying to yourselves “a blender has one simple job, it blends.” I mean I couldn’t agree more with you. The last thing I was expecting in any sort of technological advancement for blenders to get better at blending, but it has happened, so let’s talk about it why don’t we!

The new Ninja Blender with Auto iQ has completely revolutionized the blender industry and I think you’ll agree with me. You know how with ordinary blenders you have to press a button and wait for who knows how long until you have a nice and even pure smoothie? But half the time you just have ice chunks, no matter how much you blend it. Ninja has changed it completely and made your life easier, because now all it takes is a touch of a button.

Check this out.

It all depends on what you want to create.  If you want to create a smooth frozen drink, then you would simply press the Auto iQ Frozen Drinks Smoothies button and you would be set. It would then blend to perfection. It blends everything at exactly the right speed for best amount of time completely taking out all the guesswork.

Or let’s say you are creating a new sauce for your fine Italian dish, then you would just press the Puree button.

This blender has an intelligence of its own.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.46.06 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.56.50 PM

I personally think this is extremely creative and an incredible technological advancement, even if it is for a blender.

If you are one who enjoys frozen drinks or any other blended product, this is definitely the blender for you!


I would again like to thank  missdoctorfoodie for requesting an item to be reviewed and to give my personal thoughts on it.

If anyone has any comments feel free to share them, or if you have any requests or question don’t hesitate to email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com.

When did you get a credit card?

I bet most of you understand the concept of a credit card and how it works. You swipe it at a store and there is no need for cash. But do you understand how to not get hit with interest rates? or how to build up your FICO score? I think it’s important that everyone understand when the best time to get a credit card and how to use it wisely especially teenagers who never got the chance to learn this.

The first major concept you have to understand with credit cards is to not buy anything you cannot pay for immediately. NEVER buy something that is $500 when you only have $150 dollars in your bank account. This is how you’ll get hit with those 16-20% interest rates and this is how people get into some serious credit card debt. It is important you know that paying a minimum payment every month while your balance keeps increasing will will lead to credit card debt.

The next think you need to grasp a hold of is getting a credit card early! I personally believe it is important to start building a credit right away, that’s why I got my first Discover Credit It Student Card when I was 18. I mean sure they only give you $500 limit, but if you pay your bills each month that will start to go up and so will your FICO Score. So you may still be wondering what this “FICO Score” may be and how it works so let me break it down for you.

There are 5 Important Factors that play into your FICO Score:

  • Amounts Owed (30%)
  • Payment History (35%)
  • Credit History (15%)
  • New Credit (10%)
  • Types of Credit (10%)


Image obtained from realestate.calebblock.net

And depending on all this factors you’ll eventually get a credit score between 300 and 850. What you want to strive for is that 850 or to at least be between that 720-850 range.


It is important to have a good built up credit so later in life you are able to get those good loans for a house or a car without heavy interest rates, other wise you won’t even have the chance to do so. I recommend that all parents or even young teenagers get a credit card and start building their credit up EARLY! It will definitely save you in the long run.

I personally recommend starting with the Discover It Student Card for those of you going off to college or parents looking into cards for teens. It’s a perfect card to get started with and earn Cashback on gas, online purchases and many more wonderful perks.


Image obtained from CreditCardMagz.com

Now some questions for you:

When did you get your first credit card?

How many credit cards do you have?

Which one offers you the best rewards?


I hope now you have a better understanding of credit cards and how important it is to start building a credit early. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com.

iPad Pro 9.7 or nah?

For all of you Apple lovers out there I’m sure you are just like me and keep track of any events that come along and of course recently Apple just released the iPad Pro 9.7 inch as well as a few other things.

I mean for starters, what is there not to love about this new iPad Pro… let’s just break it down why don’t we.

  • Smaller than the 12.9 inch Pro ( 1 pound vs 1.57 and 9.7 inches vs 12.9 )
  • Four sets of speakers instead of 2 like the iPad Air 2
  • Wide color and true tone display
  • A9X Chip
  • 12 mp camera (Record 4K Video)
  • Smart connector (keyboard)
  • Apple Pencil

Just from all that it already sounds better than anything else.. all the perks of the big 12.9 inch iPad Pro all at a much more manageable size, what else could you want?

Why don’t we jump in and see what Apple is really offering here.

So the first new thing is the True Tone Display.

Basically it seems like the iPad’s display adjust depending on the type of lighting and environment you are in to make it more natural for the user. I think I’ll approve of this new feature!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.19.36 AM


Next up the A9X Chip.

I would say just from the little excerpt on the website this seems like a major upgrade from the previous chip. With up to 1.8 times the CPU performance of iPad Air 2, the A9X chip delivers incredible responsiveness. I think the only thing they fail to mention is how the iPad Pro 9.7 only has 2GB of RAM while the 12.9 has it doubled at 4GB. So it could pose some limitation for those who would use the iPad for more difficult multitasking rather than having Safari and Word open.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.19.43 AM


How could it get any better? Smart Keyboard.

Apple created a keyboard that is unbelievably thin and can even be a cover for the iPad. I think the Smart Connector is fantastic. There are no cords or pairing necessary, all you have to do is attach and start typing. It could not be easier to use.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.20.31 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.20.23 AM


And the Apple Pencil tops it off! 

I don’t think I even need to explain this one any more than the picture down below does. Apple managed to take the century old pencil and turn it into an electronic masterpiece. It honestly does not get much better than this!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.20.53 AM


So we’ve gone over all the new things that were introduced with the new iPad Pro, and I think it really is the best device on the market. So this is definitely a buy for me and I can’t wait to try it out!

Some questions for you:

  • What do you think of the new iPad Pro?

  • Would you rather get the bigger or smaller iPad Pro or something else?

  • What are you waiting for Apple to come out with next?


If you have any questions or want some advice feel free to email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com. 

Images taken from Apple.com.

World of Smart Thermostats

I’m sure you’ve seen a thermostat in your house, you know it’s that thing that has a temperature and makes your home get warmer or colder. Some people usually don’t mess around with them too much but I decided to buy into it and get an Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat for my home. I know what you’re probably thinking, what’s the big deal with a “Smart Thermostat,” how could it possibly be any easier when you could press a button to turn the heat on or off.

Let me start from the beginning.

So the first thing I needed to do was rip off my old thermostat to see the different wires it had connected.

Please note to turn off all power to Furnace and A/C, you don’t want to get electrocuted doing this.


When I first did this I had no idea what any of it meant. All I knew was that if someone else could do it, there was no reason I couldn’t do it myself. As you can see there were red (RH), white (W), yellow (Y), and green (G) wires connected. The RH was connected by the red wire, as well as another connector wire that connected it to the RC. There was also a bundle of wires that had been cut. The one thing I knew was that my thermostat didn’t have a C wire (Power) since it had a battery. So I went down to my Furnace and took it all apart and found the wires.


From here I decided to strip the blue wire and connect it to the C terminal. (I still don’t know why another set white and red wires were here but I just left them)

Then I connected all the wires on the new thermostat. It was pretty simple at this point and the Ecobee 3 instructions were more than easy to follow.


Then I put the thermostat together, connected it to my wi-fi network and downloaded the iPhone app.


And let me tell you this thing is beyond amazing. It’s one of those things where you didn’t know you needed it until you saw how it works.


It detects in what room people are, and the more sensors you set up the more it can make your home comfortable. You can also set up a schedule for when you are away from home and instead of always heating to 70 or 72, it will only heat to 65, and when you’re home it will warm it up.

My favorite part by far is how you can activate heating or cooling or set any temperature setting, all with your iPhone no matter where you are. It makes the environment in my home that much easier to control and it’s definitely energy-efficient so I can’t wait to save on those bills!

So what do you think about smart thermostats if you have one? Or what’s holding you back from getting one?

If you have any questions email me at simpletechlifeblog@gmail.com